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PWECMER for business

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What is PWECMER?

Many businesses blame their lack of growth to the sluggish economy.

Yet, even in a bad economy, there are businesses that do better than their peers and even thrive on the opportunity to conquer new markets and win new clients.

What is their secret?

It all starts with a great business model, excellent customer service and impeccable products or services. But then, it turns out that many of their competitors also offer all of the above. The secret is to find out how to better present and market your business so that it’s on the minds of current and prospective customers as often as possible.

You need an edge!

In today’s business environment, often oversaturated with local and online competition, every business owner knows that finding an edge could mean the difference between survival and oblivion.

While you possibly have already found your own niche with your products and services, this is often not enough to separate yourself from the pack well enough to stand out as the clear choice for your customers.


As much as most business owners don’t want to hear about it, advertising has been, and still is, more than ever, the secret to success of almost all of the biggest companies of our time.

Advertising works, as long as it’s done smart!

PWECMER [‘pwek-mər] is Canaiden’s first multichannel integrated marketing solution, designed to help your business grow by offering lower cost on marketing investment while delivering higher brand visibility and message integrity.

PWECMER stands for Print, Web, E-mail, Custom publishing, direct Mail, Events, public Relations.

These, we think, are the fundamental ingredients for an effective and low cost hyperlocal marketing campaign.

But, how about Social Media, TV, Radio?

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and the likes) is not and should not be considered advertising. It’s public relations and it’s a great way to complement other marketing efforts, like advertising, but should not be a substitute for it. Very, very, very few businesses, often only by chance and in select fan-based industries, have succeeded solely with social media exposure. The vast majority of companies that all but eliminated their advertising campaigns at the expense of social media are now paying the price with decreased or nonexisting market share and decreased or nonexisting profits.

TV and Radio are a great place to advertise, but in most cases, both media has a wider targeting area, which makes it more expensive to cover the part of their audience that you want as your customers. If you have a bigger company with a big target audience and larger budget, then, by all means, you should be on TV and Radio in addition to PWECMER.

How much does PWECMER cost?

Canaiden Media is a multichannel media company that offers a wide array of marketing solutions for any size business. Since we own these platforms, we can offer PWECMER packages starting at only $3,900 per year!

One thing is clear!

Print advertising works! You are a living, breathing proof of this. Our PWECMER ad appeared only in Stamford Plus and Norwalk Plus magazines and you came to our web site.

It’s a new world out there. The solution? Back to the fundamentals!

Like with sports, fancy Hail Mary throws sometimes work, but it’s the good old running game that is sure to win you that game; home run stars will sometimes hit grand slams in the bottom of the 9th, but nothing beats good base running and persistently good hitting to get you that championship ring.

So, back to the fundamentals! Spread your advertising dollars wisely! Explore new marketing frontiers, but do not forget the true and tried channels that are have been proven strong through countless economic ups and downs. Make sure that you are in a great position to win. And, whenever possible, trust professionals to make you a star!

Now, are you ready for some PWECMER?

Call us today at 203.653.4661 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or use our contact form to see how PWECMER is right for you!